Privacy Policy

Our Foundational Principle

1 : Our commitment is to gather and retain only the minimal amount of data necessary for our service to function. This principle is derived from:

  • A desire to earn users' trust due to the private nature of our product
  • An avoidance of business models that exploit or monetize personal data
  • The considerable regulatory burden associated with managing personal data
  • The significant responsibility and effort to ensure the protection of personal data

Therefore, we align ourselves with our users concerning privacy. Our dedication to providing the best possible privacy to users directly benefits us, eliminating any conflict of interest typical of organizations whose business models are predicated on personal data collection.

What data do we gather?

We receive or collect personal data when operating and delivering our services.

1 : Uploaded Content

  • Uploaded Images: We temporarily store pictures that users upload for processing purposes. However, we are unable to view these uploaded images or their outcomes.

2 : Provided Information

  • Your Email Address: We require an email address from users to purchase our product or request support.
  • Support Request: We collect any additional data you reveal to us.

3 : Information Collected Automatically

  • Device and Connection Information: We employ Google Analytics, yet refrain from further user segmentation.

How do we utilize the collected information?

Our core objective in data collection is to aid us in operating, enhancing, tailoring, and supporting our services.

1 : To provide services

  • To process original images
  • To dispatch purchasing-related emails (confirmation emails, delivery updates)

2 : To maintain quality control

  • To regulate usage for the provision of a stable service

3 : For research and developmental objectives

  • To tailor, evaluate, and refine our services, the layout and content of our website and applications, and to invent new services
  • To identify, diagnose and rectify any bugs or glitches in our services and website

4 : To facilitate service communication

  • To respond to contact requests
  • To answer queries

How long do we retain your information?

We only keep your personal data for as long as required to satisfy the purposes for which it was gathered. While retention durations vary according to purpose, below are some typical retention periods for different aspects of your personal data.

1 : Email Address, Support Request

  • Stored indefinitely in compliance with the storage limitation to address your service-related issues and provide support

2 : Uploaded Picture

  • Retained until they are overwritten, up to a maximum of 3 weeks.
  • Instant deletion upon request. Typically, you can request this right after the processed pictures are delivered to you.
  • Certain users can request deletion at any time.

3 : Device and Connection Information

  • Kept indefinitely in line with storage limitations.